We all remember Bobby Darling as the transgender in films like Page 3 and Kya Kool Hai Hum. Bobby also became a household name after her appearance in Bigg Boss.

Hers has definitely been a roller-coaster ride in Bollywood. But in case you were wondering where the star has disappeared, well, she is married.

Bobby underwent a sex change operation, became a woman, changed her name to Pakhi Sharma and is currently enjoying marital bliss with her long-time boyfriend – Bhopal based contractor Ramnik Sharma.

She recently gave an interview to The Times Of India and opened up on her marriage and near absence from the limelight.

How her love story unfolded?

“My life changed drastically in the past few months. I got to know about Ramnik on a social networking website and we exchanged numbers. One thing led to another and here we are as spouses. I didn’t talk about my marriage as my husband was not comfortable with the idea of being in the media glare. After a few heartbreaks, I took a gamble with Ramnik. He happened to be the first guy in my life to ask me for marriage in the beginning itself. He is honest and family-oriented. I am very happy with my decision.”

Her transformation to Pakhi Sharma

“I underwent the surgery before marriage at the insistence of my husband. I got a certificate from my surgeon. It was a painful process and Ramnik stood by me like a rock…We got married in Arya Samaj Mandir and then got it legally registered in Bhopal. We went to Singapore for our honeymoon in March and spent some quality time together.” 

“I have transformed into a woman completely, so why should I play something that I am not? I now wish to play a heroine or bhabhi and don’t mind participating in reality shows.”

You tube snipper

Pankaj Sharma, holds the Limca record for playing the maximum number of gay roles – 18 – in Bollywood even before she turned 23, reported India Today.