Shah Rukh Khan has always been good with words. So much so that, that he is loved for his interviews as much as he is, for acting.

And it seems like he is spending some of his time writing during the lockdown (among other things like singing with his son Abram).

Shah Rukh recently put up a post titled 'lockdown lessons' where he discussed things that we have come to realise are really important. Also the ones which are not.

From taking things slow to reconciling with people you had fought with, from emotional needs to the importance of love - these lessons are heartwarming and truly useful.

We can stop the clock for a bit and re-imagine our lives when the rush to acquire false securities is peeled away from us.

We can laugh with those we fought so hard.

And above all, love is still worth it no matter what anyone tells you.

SRK's fans and people from the film industry also responded to the tweet with much admiration for everyone's favourite star.

He sure knows a thing or two about spreading warmth.