Mumbai vs. Delhi is one debate that never ends. The locals of both cities seldom hold back while praising their own, whether it be in regards to food or way of life. However, Shah Rukh Khan, the King of Bollywood, gave the verdict this time.

The actor, who was born in Delhi and began his acting career in Mumbai, has about equaled his time between the two cities. And SRK continues to affirm that people in Delhi have their interesting ways of expressing things, which he finds to be really cool.

In an old interview on the show Up Close And Personal With Preity Zinta, Shah Rukh Khan said that he finds Mumbai’s gundagaardi comical and that people in Delhi are different.

We are different people. It makes me laugh when I see folks here attempting to intimidate. They don’t even know how to swear. They tone it down.

Shah Rukh Khan

Check out the short video here:

People on Reddit couldn’t agree more with the actor after seeing a brief clip from the interview going viral now.

Once a Dilli wala, always a Dilli wala.