There are shows like Breaking Bad and Dark that will leave you thinking about them long after they are done airing. Their finales had you sobbing like babies. And then there are some other shows, shows that started off great, made you hooked to them and then dropped a giant turd for a series finale. 

1. Game of Thrones

Of course, we were going to start with this show. This was 8 years of my life wasted, avoiding spoilers and making enemies out of friends who gave spoilers. This will go down in history as the most famous show in the world. Tragically, its creators were the ones that botched its final season with mindless writing under the guise of creative freedom. 

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2. How I Met Your Mother

Hate it or not, it will always remain a very important part of our pop culture. That said, I am still waiting for someone to explain why would they take 8 seasons of stories and character development to throw it down the gutter by making Ted and Robin a thing again!. 


3. Lost

Even though there’s a legion that liked the way it ended, there’s just no denying that it pissed off a lot of fans. The disappointment was so severe that people talked about it for years after the show ended. I would even go as far as to say that the only worse reaction to a series finale in all of TV history has been for Game of Thrones. Until then, Lost had a firm grip on that title. 

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4. Sacred Games

The whole of the second season was a massive clusterf**k. It was so corny that it almost undid all the good work of the first season. And what was that cliffhanger ending anyway? 

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5. Dexter

The show is coming back for one last ride and hopefully, that fixes whatever abomination that whole series’ finale was. The final two seasons of the show witnessed a sharp drop in quality and drove Debra to senseless death, not to mention the crap Dexter ended up with. 


6. The 100

CW shows are always sappy and campy teenage dramas. Not saying that this wasn’t one of those but The 100 was actually quite good and very, very addictive. The series finale, however, was something of a downer for most people. People found it to be thematically confusing and pointless. 

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7. Gossip Girl

Fans thought finding out the identity of Gossip Girl ruined the show. Many others were more occupied with how little sense it made to continue a high school show since all the characters were out of high school. 


8. Supernatural

While the series’ original showrunners left after Season 5 and many fans felt that the show had started declining after that, it still went on for 10 more seasons. But the finale was somehow universally disliked. Fans believed that Sam, Dean and Cass didn’t get proper endings to their stories and it all felt a little haphazard. 


9. 13 Reasons Why

People were already hating on the show and its finale didn’t help. Jess is forced to forgive Bryce, Clay loses his mind, and nobody ever finds out about any of the crimes the teenagers have committed. Seems pointless after that many seasons, doesn’t it?  


10. Two and a Half Men

The show had lost its ‘charm’ after Charlie Sheen had quit anyway. But the final episode teased his return only for show creator Chuck Lorre had a piano drop his character and weirdly shouted “Winning” to end the show.


We understand endings are difficult. But when you get paid millions of dollars to end things, you should have that shit figured out. Nobody cares if you had this issue or that. You had one job.