As this decade came to an end in 2019, we bid farewell to some of our favourite shows. From Modern Family to CID, here are the ones we’ll miss the most. 

1. The Big Bang Theory 

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Saying goodbye to this cast that was a part of our lives for 12 years was so hard!

2. CID


Daya ne darwaza tod diya, one last time in October 2018. 

3. Mindy Project 


Created by and starring Mindy Kaling, The Mindy Project completed its final sixth season in 2017. 

4. Sarabhai vs Sarabhai 


Though the cast tried to make a comeback with a web series of the same name, the OG Sarabhai VS Sarabhai will always remind us of the good old times. 

5. Game Of Thrones 

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A show that lasted through the decade and went from being the most loved to the most hated. 

6. Gotham 


In April 2019, this prequel to Batman’s storyline released its 100th and final episode on Netflix. 

7. Jane The Virgin  


This telenovela left the screens forever in July 2019 after becoming a household name. 

8. Dill Mill Gayye

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Armaan Malik and the numerous actresses who played Ridhimma formed the foundation of romance in my teen brain. 

9. Mr. Robot 


This show gave us Rami Malek and some good content about social anxiety. 

10. iZombie  


This crime drama with a zombie playing the lead had a selective audience which lead it being cancelled post its fourth season in August 2019. 

11. House Of Cards 


After six seasons, this Netflix political thriller ended in 2018 leaving an empty hole in ur binge-watching sessions. 

12. Suits 


If you’re sad about the show ending then you can always head over to Netflix and begin watching the South Korean adaptation. 

13. Mahi Way

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For every insecure teen, Mahi became a knight in shining armour back in 2010. 

14. New Girl 

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In 2018, we bid goodbye to Jessica Day aka Jess, the most fun-loving teacher on American television. 

15. Fleabag 


After two seasons of success, the show decided that it doesn’t need another season and is complete by itself. 

16. F.I.R  

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Chandramukhi Chautala was one of the coolest and most badass characters on Indian television in this decade. 

17. Orange Is The New Black 


Stated to be Netflix’s most-watched series, Orange Is The New Black premiered its last season on July 26, 2019. 

18. Elementary

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The first Sherlock Holmes adaptation to have a female Watson, this show lasted seven successful seasons and ended in August 2019. 

19. The Office 


Undoubtedly one of the most loved TV shows of this decade, The Office ended in 2013 but isn’t close to being forgotten. 

20. How To Get Away With Murder

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After six seasons, this show got cancelled due to lack of viewers on ABC. 

21. Scandal  


With a crossover with How To Get Away With Murder, Scandal ended in March 2018 after seven seasons.

Which one are you binge-watching this weekend?