There is just so much gold in Doordarshan's broadcast past (I call it their broad-past) and I have actually found myself wondering on multiple occasions if the present generation will ever experience anything remotely as spectacular. I, of course, speak of old Indian television treasures in the league of Hum Paanch and Shriman Shrimati .

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And boy, do I have great news for all you lovers of these shows. There actually are TV channels out there that still telecast some of these gems. We've found the glorious reruns of some of the shows we know from our Doordarshan days and we're here to spread the joy.

1. Shriman Shrimati , for one, is telecast on channel Dabangg on all weekdays at 10.00 am.

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2. Hum Paanch (pum-pum-pum paanch!) still runs the show on Zee Smile at 11.30 pm every weeknight.

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3. And the biggest find in this hunt of ours was this. Oh how the Arabian Nights brought to India in Alif Laila came ringing back!

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It's true, Alif Laila still lives on every single morning at 8.30 on channel Dabangg.

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Now that you know, and are all set to let the nostalgia take over, you can thank me later. Happy reminiscing, lovely people!