Sima Tapria from Indian Matchmaking meeting Seema in Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives is the crossover we didn’t need. No seriously, we do not need more of Sima Taparia and her gyaan on compromise. 


After her separation with ex-husband Sohail Khan, Seema Sajdeh talked about her take on life and the need to focus on herself in this season of the show. Sadly, Maheep arranged a spontaneous meeting with Sima Taparia to ‘find’ Seema a match. And as expected, the premier matchmaker started questioning her on their decision of getting a divorce, which was definitely inappropriate. The only good part was that Seema called her out on her rigid views, and rightfully expressed that she’s not looking for a partner to get married.


At one point, Seema (to check her bias), tells the matchmaker that she might be into women. Of course, our very own Sima Taparia’s response was dead silence. She just paused mid-conversation and it almost looked like she wanted it to end. The sad part is — it wasn’t very shocking to watch. I mean, this mentality shouldn’t be normalized to a point that this reaction is something we expect out of her.

Both Seema and Maheep then questioned her, asking if she takes clients from the queer community — she straight up denied. Naturally they asked “why”, and she said that she’s not doing THAT, because same-sex marriage isn’t legal in India. Um, she also has clients in the US, but okay. And really, this wasn’t the save she thought it was.

Twitter is definitely not a Sima fan, not after this, at least.

Damn, that horrified look. It’s just plain sad.