Whether you’re a die-hard Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani fan or not, we’re sure you must have re-watched the movie a couple of times during the lockdown to escape the new normal. 

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We’re pretty sure you must remember that romantic scene where Bunny reaches out to take Naina’s phone from the clutch hanging from her lehenga and they have a moment together. 

And you would obviously know what happens after that. Bunny goes ahead and checks Naina’s messages, teases her and runs away with her phone while she’s trying to chase him. 

But would you happen to remember who was Naina’s not so secret admirer? 

Yes, we’re talking about Vikram, the film buff photographer who starts his conversations with the lyrics of Bollywood classics. 

Yeah, yeah the same person who Bunny almost gets into a fight with because of how jealous he feels. And then suddenly realsies his feelings for Naina.  

Well, I never realised this but turns out Vikram’s character was played by Rana Daggubati!

Yup you heard that right folks, Naina’s secret admirer was Rana Daggubati’s character! His brooding personality and charisma almost had my heart at first. 

And the way Vikram manages to keep his calm and maintain his poise even when Bunny is acting like a man-child is just freaking amazing!

In fact, when Vikram maturely called out Bunny for being irrational and unmannerly, Rana Daggubati yet again managed to give me the chills. 

Well, now that I know of Rana’s cameo in the film, I wish I could have seen more of Vikram’s character on screen! 

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