While we see celebrities as classy and perfect personalities, there’s so much more to them. And just like they keep us interested in their on-screen characters, their real lives are pretty exciting as well. Thanks to social media, we get to experience it first-hand.

Here are some of the funniest Hollywood celebrities who make social media a better place.

1. Ryan Reynolds

He’s definitely the funniest man around — On and off-screen. His Deadpool persona is very prominent in his real-life personality and it shows on his social media.

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Happy Birthday to my amazing wife.

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2. Kate Beckinsale

Our badass vampire girl from the Underworld is a badass in the real world too. She’s known to troll her trolls and doesn’t shy away from mocking misogyny.

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Throwing shade at her trolls comes naturally to her. Like when this person tried to mock her over an alleged rumour of her being involved with Pete Davidson.

3. James Blunt

Unlike his most popular song, nothing about James Blunt’s social media is ‘beautiful’. His timeline is full of roasts and savage comebacks.

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4. Chris Hemsworth

While you must know him as the badass God, Thor, Chris Hemsworth is an adorable dad in real life.


5. Anna Kendrick

She’s hands down one of the finest actors in Hollywood right now. But did you know she also has a damn relatable sense of humour?

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6. Chrissy Teigen

John Legend’s wife is a blessing to him and to us. Her wicked sense of humour is what makes her everyone’s favourite celebrity on social media.


7. Chelsea Peretti

Gina Linetti is the most savage character on Brooklyn Nine Nine and the actor who plays her isn’t very different in real life too.

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8. Betty White

She may be older than sliced bread but her sense of humour is definitely up to date.


9. Jessica Biel

The Sinner might make you bite your nails but Jessica Biel’s hilarious approach to life will make you laugh it all off.

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10. Taika Watiti

Already known for his wacky personality, it’s no surprise that Taika Watiti is a part of this list.


Who’s your favourite?