Sonam Kapoor was recently ranked among the 50 Sexiest Asian Women In The World, and she was number 9 on the list. With the world appreciating her for her beauty, it’s hard to imagine that she would ever have been a victim of blatant racism. But sadly, that’s true.

Speaking on the issue of intolerance on the first day of Agenda Aaj Tak 2015, Sonam opens up about how she was judged by people while on her visits to several film and award festivals in foreign countries.

She said, “Intolerance is a very broad term. I have faced racism in many countries. They see brown skin and they judge you already. When I go abroad people already have their perception, like we are always in parda (veil) or our parents are very conservative.”


It is a pity to see that racism is so ingrained in our society even today. What we need is a dialogue and a pragmatic approach to fight it out.