Nobody in B-town understands fashion the way young and trendy Sonam Kapoor does. She's the daughter of Anil Kapoor, cousin to Arjun Kapoor, an outspoken personality and one of the most glamorous actresses of Bollywood. Her knowledge and experiments with fashion truly make her a style icon.

Here are 15 photos that show she's the ultimate fashionista in Bollywood:

1. Celebrating colours in that dress

Source: Bollywoodlife

2. White and bold

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3. Animal prints never get old

Source: Pinkvilla

4. Keeping it simple

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5. Born with a silver spoon

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6. Bleeding blue

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7. Looking stylish is an art

Source: Youtube

8. A grey rose

Source: Arshiweb

9. Casuals can look fabulous too

Source: Risewell

10. Fifty shades of white

Source: Kollytolly

11. Feeling like a princess

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12. Here's all the oomph

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13. Hot is the word

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14. Something for the summers

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15. The golden glam

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Sonam Kapoor truly knows her way with fashion. She wears it, she owns it!