Every once in a while celebrity behaviour helps us relate with them. A few months ago, a picture of Suhana, daughter of Shah Rukh Khan, in a bikini had surfaced on the internet and a frantic King Khan had requested the websites to remove the image. He sounded as unhappy as any father would. Finally, after all this time, he has spoken about the entire incident in an interview with Huffington Post and what made him do it.


He said, “She was in a bikini, she was on a beach, and she was with her little brother. You went ahead and wrote a headline, “SRK’s daughter flaunts her body.” Is it a little cheap? Maybe I felt it was.”

He said that as a parent, he is pretty liberal, but the comment was something that made Suhana extremely awkward about it since she is only sixteen years old.


Khan also said that when he jumped to contain the images of his daughter, he did so because he knew she was going through it because of him.

“I wasn’t protecting her from the media – I was protecting her from me. It’s my stardom that was the reason that picture made it to the news – it wouldn’t have if she wasn’t SRK’s daughter.”


That’s a reason good enough, we think.

You can read the full interview at Huffington Post here.