The nominations for this year’s Filmfare Awards are out and just like every other year, I quickly checked to see which stars are contenders for the main categories.


To my bewilderment, I saw one name in the list that I wasn’t expecting to see this year — Shah Rukh Khan.

Before all you King Khan fans get offended at this, let me enlighten you with the fact that I have always considered him to be one of the finest actors in the Indian film industry.

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He’s given us masterpieces.

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But just like every good thing, his time has come to an end. And the fact that he’s now nominated for a leading award ceremony in a category that has actors who deserve it way more than him, is disappointing.

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If you’ve watched the movie, you’ll totally understand my sentiment of being unhappy with this development. It wasn’t a good film. The script was all over the place with poor character story lines and extremely average acting. In fact, some would call it overacting.

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I am even more than ready to understand that sometimes bad films take away a good actor’s glory. But when a great actor does a bad job in an equally bad film, he doesn’t deserve to be put on a pedestal just because he’s a big name in the game.


It’s not just me, the internet seems to share my disappointment.

TBH, we aren’t even surprised.