Almost everyone wants their wedding to stand out and be a special occasion for both themselves and their attendees. But what could you possibly do that has never been done before? All of it seems to have been tried, from brides making grand entrances on bikes to people seeking Aadhar cards to give food at the wedding.

To boost the ante on the celebrations, some couples do, however, often uncover some peculiar or downright bizarre way. And here are a few instances of weddings that stunned the internet.

1. When a bride and groom set the floor on fire, literally.

A bride and groom recently torched the dance floor on fire to elevate their on-stage performance. A spark from the heart’s tip sparks the flames, which spread outward to engulf the bride and groom and form a heart of fire. They kept dancing inside the fire ring.

2. When the newlyweds swapped garlands of snakes.

A young couple married one other by exchanging snakes as garlands on each other’s necks in an attempt to make their wedding more “entertaining.” The bride and groom could be seen clutching large pythons, and neither one of them appeared to be afraid of the reptiles.

3. When a couple did a wedding exit stunt by setting themselves on fire.

A newlywed couple staged an outlandish stunt that entailed setting themselves on fire to make a shocking exit from their wedding reception. The bride and groom can be seen waving to the guests in the video as they pass by while carrying a blazing bouquet of flowers that quickly spread over their backs.

4. When a groom shot his friend in celebratory firing.

After someone was murdered during a celebratory firing, the wedding venue became a crime scene. In a video, the groom can be seen shooting amid the jubilation, and one of the bullets hits his friend.

5. When the bride and groom were not present at their own wedding.

An Indian couple were married despite having passed away about 30 years prior in a somewhat unusual ceremony. When brides and grooms who passed away as infants or young adults under the age of 18 are married, it’s sometimes done to ward off the evil fortune that would befall the mourning families. 

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Daily Star

6. When the wedding had no food at all.

Without a doubt, the majority of us attend weddings mostly for delicious food, but what if the couple opts to skip that? A couple wanted their wedding to stand out, so they decided to forgo catering in order to pay for an appearance by Minnie and Mickey from Disney World. Since the two had always been Disney fans, they chose to spend their $2750 appearance fee rather than on providing food for their guests.

7. When a couple’s “meat-cute” leads to an odd wedding theme.

Having fallen in love over their mutual love of the cured sausage snack Peperami, a couple from the UK decided to take their relationship and the cured meat snack to the next level by getting married in a meat-themed ceremony. The wedding had a meat tone throughout, and the bride wore a dress in the punk style that was modeled after a Peperami wrapper.

New York Post

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