Gone are the days when a clean shaven man was considered hot. Nowadays, it’s all about the stubble. Purists may argue that keeping a stubble makes a man look “gruff” and “uncouth.”We say that a little stubble makes a man look mature, sophisticated and sexy. But don’t take our word for it. Let these hunks from Bollywood demonstrate how keeping a stubble ups their desirability quotient by a factor of 10!

1. Ranveer Singh

See how he went from a “Meh” man to a Mediterranean Masterpiece?

2. Shah Rukh Khan

There’s only one thing yummier than SRK. And that is SRK with a stubble.

3. Arunoday Singh

This is how a beard transforms you from a Chocolate “Boy” to a Macho “Man.”

4. Randeep Hooda

You’ll notice how his manliness quotient went through the roof in the pic with the stubble.

5. Aditya Roy Kapoor

He looks good without a beard. But with one, he is a heart melting maniac.

6. Hrithik Roshan

Oh, them sideburns!

7. Vidyut Jamwal

Vidyut Jamwal is like cake. His beard is like a cherry on top.

8. Saif Ali Khan

Admit it. The beard makes him look like a true “Nawab.”

9. Arjun Rampal

Without sexy stubble: 9 Stars out of 10With sexy stubble: 1 Million Stars out of 10

10. Ranbir Kapoor

This is how a beard takes you from Boy-Next-Door to Man-Of-My-Dreams

11. Shahid Kapoor

My oh my…

12. Abhay Deol

Dimples look better with a beard. It’s the truth.

13. Farhan Akhtar

I didn’t think Farhan Akhtar would look this good with a beard!

14. Kunal Kapoor


15. Imran Khan

I think I just had  a heart attack.

And the one who’s been killing it with a stub and ruling the hearts of every girl in India, Arjun Kapoor.

The verdict is clear. It’s stubble all the way!

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