Tabassum Fatima Hashmi aka Tabu has always been my constant favorite in the film industry. I have liked and disliked many actors in the 28 years of my existence, but she’s the only one I have consistently adored both, on and off screen.

The reason? Well, in the film industry, people often forget actors and directors after a while. However, she has managed to stay relevant even after three decades, that too on her own terms – which is not easy.


Tabu has done brilliant work over the years, and it includes cult favorites like MaqboolDrishyam, and Virasat.

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From comedy and thriller to crime, she has crushed each genre to perfection with her acting abilities – be it Hera Pheri’s Anuradha, Haider’s Ghazala or Crew’s Geeta. To be honest, it feels unfair to imagine anyone else doing these roles.

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As much as she’s adored in our country, movie buffs across the world love her work in international projects. The Hollywood movies that featured her include The Namesake (2006) and Life Of Pi (2012).

And now, she has been roped in for an upcoming science fiction series, Dune: Prophecy, in which she will portray a strong and intelligent character called Sister Francesca.


Experimentation does not come naturally to everyone, but for Tabu, it seems like second nature.

She isn’t thriving in the industry because of her old fame, but because she has been doing newer roles that connect with the changing audience and their choices.

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It’s hard to stay relevant continuously for more than 30 years, but Tabu has done it.

That’s an achievement in its own right.

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She is living proof that talent is beyond an expiry date or a certain age. She knows how to intrigue her audience and mark her territory.

Well, it’s Tabu’s world and we are just living in it!