As kids, almost all of us dream of buying that one cool tech item. You know, that car, that PlayStation, that DSLR? Or in this Telangana man’s case, a nice sports bike! Venkatesh decided to buy his dream sports bike with 112 bags of 1 rupee coins worth ₹2.85 Lakhs.

Yep, you read that right. Venkatesh had been saving 1 rupee coins, and once he had all the money, he walked in to an automobile showroom to buy his dream bike. Though the staff was initially a little hesitant, they eventually took his 112 bags of coins and spent half a day counting them and closed the deal.

Coins, Bike
Credit: YouTube

Apparently, Venkatesh’s commitment to save the large amount of money won the staff’s hearts over and convinced them to make the deal. You can watch his entire vlog here, as well.

Thinking back to the time when I didn’t have a single ounce of patience to keep my gullak intact and broke it open every 2 months!