We’re just three days away from The Falcon and The Winter Soldier blessing our screens, and while the wait is hard, there’s still some things we can do to maintain the hype. Marvel has been generous in releasing not just trailers, but also excerpts from the show over time. 

In India, the first episode will drop around 12:30 PM IST on Disney+Hotstar. 

First and foremost, here’s the official trailer, which really gives you a feel of what’s to come.

Then, they dropped a trailer that was cryptically titled ‘Start’.

This was followed by another short but sweet little teaser.

If you’re itching for a bit of superhero banter, here’s a conversation that’s peak Sam and Bucky.

And here’s another clip of them being frenemies.

Clearly, Marvel’s not been shy about dropping trailer after trailer for the show. And we’re not complaining.

This trailer even shows one of the Flagsmashers (the villains) kicking away Cap’s shield!

This trailer has a whole lot of action, and also sees the two eponymous characters establishing that they’re not a team, they’re ‘co-workers who look damn good’.

To wrap it all up, here’s the final trailer that shows a whole lot of new footage.

A lot of the footage may repeat in the different trailers, but there’s always something new hidden in there as well. Now, we just wait until Friday.