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Have you ever been to a restaurant, seen the bill and wondered if there was a way to save the money you pay for taxes? Honestly, I hate losing my dough to taxes, and I keep trying to find new ways to save money. Even though we can’t do much about restaurant taxes, we can surely help ourselves by saving income tax, right? Look, I know it’s boring, and that talking about taxes will never be equivalent to Netflix and chill, and I go off to sleep every time someone mentions it. But, we can’t really ignore it, can we? 

Well, someone understands our troubles and these quirky videos are proof of that!  

The video shows a hearty banter between a father and son, who are at loggerheads over the need to save taxes. Honestly speaking, I can totally see myself in his shoes every time he gets a piece of his dad’s mind. And, like most of us, the decisions the son takes always come back to haunt him. Relatable much?  

Bad choices = bad times

Oh, I can feel your pain bro…

And every time we walk into any kind of trouble, our first instinct is to get help from our parents, which obviously comes with loads of rebukes and sarcastic comments, hai na? And that’s what happens to the son too, as his dad gives the most hilarious reactions to all his troubles. 

Ummmmmmm…been there, heard that!

Well, neither can we! Money keeps flowing like a song!

Our generation is the best at making excuses, there I said it. The son, in the video, comes up with the lamest excuses to counter his dad’s rants, which just makes the situation even worse. 

It’s my birthday and obviously saat khoon maaf! Or is it?

Dude, I wouldn’t forget my parents’ taunts even with Alzheimer’s

But as a father, you wouldn’t really be able to see your own child drown now, amirite? And so, the dad in his own weird style, comes to the rescue to save the son from tax trauma!  

These videos highlight all the financial troubles we face in our daily lives and prove that a tax saver fund is a good way to save ourselves from losing money to taxes. Frankly, this is a very innovative step by DSP Mutual Fund to familiarize the general audience with planning tax-saving manoeuvers. I wish somebody had come along sooner to tell all of this so I’d have had a way to save money for all those gadgets I’ve always wanted to own!

 You can watch all their videos here.

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