Netflix has released another trailer for The Punisher season 2. And it looks even more brutal than the previous season if that’s possible.

Game Informer

Despite the 1st season’s success, some fans did criticise the first season of The Punisher for not letting Frank Castle go unhinged.


Well, it looks like all that is about to change.

Castle seems to be in the midst of some life or death drama again; albeit this time, it’s a young girl whose entire family has been brutally murdered. 


Castle being the duty-bound soldier he is, gets involved only to find that an old enemy he thought he had vanquished is back to haunt him. 


The good old skull logo is back to haunt the criminals of New York and it seems like the showrunners are not waiting for the last moment to let Frank wear it. 


Given that this is quite likely the last season for the show before Netflix cancels it, we are hoping it is as good as the trailer is. 

You can watch the trailer here:

The Punisher season 2 is all set to release on the 18th of January, 2019.