Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been a fan-favourite for over 20 years. His (now sporadic) appearances in the World Wrestling Entertainment and his blockbuster Hollywood films have spawned an entire brigade of fans. But, all that stardom doesn’t stop him from going out of the way and helping spread smiles.

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Recently, during the shooting of the film ‘Baywatch’ at Savannah’s Pediatric Specialty Ward, Dwayne took time out of his busy schedule to pay a visit to the staff and the kids admitted to the ward. 

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But there was one kid in particular whose mother wanted The Rock to visit her sick son’s room. 

Christopher’s mother pleaded with the production staff to let the superstar enter her ward’s room. The Rock, being the true gentleman that he’s always been, acquiesced to it without second thoughts. 

“I walked in and his smile lit up the room! And I mean lit that room up!;) We talked for a while about his family, his school and how hard he’s working to eventually graduate AND we talked about how COOL all his scars are from his multiple surgeries – from his head to his chest – those scars are badges of honor and the reminder of how beyond tough this kid is.”

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“Christopher I can’t give you anything, but I’m so happy I could give you this today…” said his mother as she started to breakdown.

The Rock was deeply moved by what his mother said. He later said, “Made me think to give so much credit to these parents who would do anything to take their kid’s pain away and ANYTHING to bring a smile to their faces. As a papa bear I understand. Glad this mom brought a smile to Christopher’s face. And glad I got a chance to shake the hand of this very strong and inspiring young man.”

Well, The Rock is definitely The People’s Champ!