The Harry Potter fandom is one of the craziest, most creative fandoms in the world. Which would explain the vast universe of fanfictions that grace our lives. Hell, they even published a book out of it. However, this Redditor, who goes by Miraniel, has another crazy theory about Lord Voldemort’s plan for Potter and the wizarding world.


The theory which speaks about the resurrection of the Dark Lord at the end of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire has a certain idea as to what Voldemort’s plan might have been, had he been successful in killing Harry.

Remember, Portkeys are only supposed to be a one-way gate to a certain place. But the Triwizard Cup could travel both ways. Miraniel says that Voldemort wanted to kill Potter so that he could use Polyjuice Potion to turn himself or one of his Death Eaters into Harry.


But it was more likely that he himself would go to the castle as the Triwizard champion.


By impersonating Harry, he could get close enough to Dumbledore to be able to assassinate him and take over the wizarding world. 


The theory also claims that the Dark Lord could also have tried to convert one of Gryffindor’s relics to a Horcrux. 


That being said, it is highly unlikely that the plan would have been successful since Ron and Hermione would have easily found out, for, despite all his powers, the one thing Voldemort does not understand is love. 


Thankfully, the plan did not come through for the Dark Lord, thanks to Harry being the titular character.