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Yellow is the new black and black is the new yellow – Renowned Designer

Statutory warning: The videos posted below may cause chuckle, giggle and hysterical laughter.

Sounds crazy right? Well it’s about to get whole lotta crazier with Anusha Dandekar giving fashion tips that are just…bananas.

If you think that’s a stretch, watch how Pooja Gor taught us an uber-cool healthy asan, the Banana-asan. What are you waiting for? It’s time to put your meditation skills to test!

Also, here’s a snip-pet of Nishant Suri bringing his A-level humor to the table and fulfilling our ap-pet-ite for madness.

And don’t let this new dance step slip your mind, watch how Sanam Johar puts his spin on Deepika’s Ghumar.

Is your head already spinning trying to figure out what’s happening? Well, we’re here to put an end to your wait with a film which will make you #GoBananas over the new Nokia 8110 4G.

Now that you’ve seen what the buzz was all about, get ready to slide, spin, bend it like the Nokia 8110 4G. It’s packed with 25 Day battery life and 4G connectivity so you can forget about charging your phone and stop looking for free Wi-Fi become a hotspot for your friends. So now get your Nokia 8110 4G & go bananananananananaananananananananana

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