Bollywood undoubtedly dominates a major part of our lives.

The obsession for Hindi cinema knows no boundaries in India. We can never, ever do without a regular dose of Bollywood movies. And when not watching them on the big screen, we’re tracking our matinee idols on social media. 

Off late, Bollywood has taken a turn towards a more realistic and accurate depiction of life. However, not everything we see in Bollywood is exactly the truth. 

As if one man is enough to beat the hell out of 20 men, right?

While Bollywood movies may boast of a lot of elements, reality usually isn’t high on anyone’s list of priorities. And no, its not just the action scenes. 

Here we have 36 things Bollywood has been lying to us: 

1. If you’re living abroad, you’ll always find Indian doctors and policemen who love talking in Hindi.


2. A trip is all you need to find your soulmate.


3. Stalking a girl is the best way to show how much you love her.


4. Amavasya ki raat is when all the spirits are activated. It’s like desi Halloween!

5. People get drunk on just one shot or one pint of beer.


6. Foreign women are always up for hook-ups!


7. A priest always knows how to get rid of ghosts.


8. People live happily ever after once they get married.


9. When you start singing, musical instruments will start playing out of nowhere.


10. You sound like a professional singer whenever you mouth lyrics.


11. Traveling around the world is just about dedication, not visa troubles.

b’Source: santabanta’

12. People kiss when they wake up without brushing their teeth.


13. The tech guy only has to press a few keys on a computer to track the most wanted criminal in the world.


14. Henchmen will attack the hero one at a time. Not all at once!


15. The dismissed cop with a dark history is the only one who can solve a case. The guys on the job are idiots who’re being paid for nothing.


16. A long monologue before dying is absolutely necessary and no one bothers to call an ambulance.


17. Medicines can be manipulated as per plot convenience.


18. Women wake up in the morning looking totally beautiful with perfect hair.


19. All the people on the street will randomly know the steps if you start dancing.


20. Whether you punch, kick or throw a bullet, there is a special sound that comes out.


21. All heroes are Singham-like and can handle 20 men at once.


22. If a flower drops from an idol, it’s a sign from God.


23. Siblings often get separated at kumbh ka mela but eventually, reunite in a few years.


24. All Indian fathers are boyfriend haters/killers.


25. You can hop on to a moving train.


26. Taking off their spectacles is all it takes to transform a person from a nerd to a hottie.


27. All you need is to cut the red wire when the bomb is ticking.


 28. A guy and a girl can never be friends.


29. Removing just a moustache can make you a completely different person and even your wife or parents won’t recognize you.


30. 8 year olds can actually play cupid.


31. You can simply barge into a flight, seconds before it is about to take off.


32. You will always have a bucket of ice cream in your refrigerator whenever you’re going through a break-up.


33. The love of a good girl can change a bad boy.


34. Anything can happen in the courtroom including people getting into fist-fights.

35. There’s no such thing as factual history and you can change things as per your own whims.


36. College life is all about guitars, getting ready, dancing and falling in love.


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