Love is a complex emotion and sometimes, you need to prove that you actually feel it. I don’t make the rules, this is how the world works. Now, you might have a few ideas regarding how to go about it, but trust Indian TV on this. It has set the benchmark so high when it comes to the declaration of love, you might not be able to replicate this stuff but you can definitely take hints. Here you go.

1. Wash their devices.

If this is what it takes, you must do it. Gopi bahu here saw her husband’s laptop and noticed that it was dirty. So, she washed it with soap as one does.

2. Get them the moon.

The woman in the show asked two men fighting to be with her to get her a piece of the moon, and they complied. They actually got her what she wanted. How is anything anyone does going to be impressive after this?

3. Cut their dupatta with your teeth…

…God forbid if such a situation presents itself. In this particular scene, the woman has her dupatta stuck in a fan and for some reason, no one can find a switch. It has to be stopped by removing the plug. Which can’t be pulled out and she is choking. So, her love interest cuts the dupatta with his teeth.

4.  Find a way to put sindoor on their forehead.

That’s a bad joke. Don’t do it. Not that it is possible to do it in the way shown in Thapki Pyaar Ki. The guy slips, gets his finger dipped in sindoor, and then “accidentally” put that finger in the partition of her hair. Hmm…

5. Find a way to have sindoor put on your forehead.

Again, just a bad joke. But you have to look at this. The woman stands below a flying thali with sindoor and it falls perfectly on her. She fights for it, though. Good things take effort. 

6. Find a way to make it work.

If these two can try to kiss through a face shield, you can find the time to text your love interest back. Stop making excuses. Also, this is a good lesson in keeping safe during covid, the guy helps her take all precautions suggested by WHO.

7. For love, fight against rules.

There is no rule that says a gorilla and a human can’t fall in love. It’s the most nonsensical thing to do, but there is no rule against it. Look at Thapki and this animal’s romance here. 

8. Catch them when they are falling.

Let’s hope this doesn’t happen to your love, but if it does, are you ready to run at the speed of 0.0002 km/hour to save them?