Ellen DeGeneres has a knack for bringing hidden gems to her show. From the most famous to those just starting out. And her latest find is this 2-year-old genius who can name every country from its flag and map. This adorable toddler is Harry Pile and was accompanied by his parents, Shellie and Steve to the show. 

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Harry, who comes from Liverpool, England, has a photographic memory and according to his parents he knew the alphabets at just 12 months! 

Yeah, when he was first born we noticed that his eyes looked really big, and we joked that he looked shocked. So, from then, I’d say about 12 months, he started to be able to identify the alphabet, he could spell his name, he could read his name. 

-Shellie Pile

At the end of the segment, Ellen held up the Disneyland logo and revealed that the show was sending the family to the Disneyland theme park the next day. Imagine cute little Harry with Mickey Mouse ears!

Watch the video here:

Twitter can’t stop gushing over this brilliant baby. 

We can’t wait to see more of this little one.