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There used to be a time when movies were more like folklore – there’d be a righteous protagonist and an oppressive antagonist who’d make lives difficult for everyone in the picture. Ultimately, the good wins over evil and credits roll post the happily ever after. Although movies aren’t about all that anymore, at least some of them. Some have a rather elaborate message associated with them – a message that addresses worthy issues and emotions. And, often we miss out on getting the message, the other side of the story. 

These unconventional movies aim to change one’s perspective on different matters and moreover, take you on a journey of self-discovery. It’s about time you revisited those unconventional films that are layered with an ‘other side’. The side, that you haven’t seen before. 

For instance, Moonlight is a one-of-a-kind coming of age drama that’s about the difficulties faced by Chiron while he explores his sexuality. 

b’Source: c2.nrostatic.com’

On the contrary, the other side speaks about how it’s not limited to coming out – it’s about identifying your own self and how the challenges only increase from there on; and how you aspire to find a moment worth living for in all this chaos. 

While the dialogues and story hint at it, it’s quite easy to miss out on such details when there’s too much happening. &Privé HD, a brand new channel by Zee Entertainment, envisions to provide movie fanatics with a total recall of all the amazing Hollywood movies so that they know what’s the other side of the story. What makes &Privé HD a channel you could always switch to is its curated list of movies that are a far cry from the typical Hollywood blockbusters. It’s a breath of fresh air for those who watch movies not just for its critical acclaim, but also for its content which is rather different from the run-of-the-mill movies. 

A unique cinematic experience in itself, the trailer fairly promotes the vision of &Privé HD. 

In order to watch it, you’ll need two devices in which you open the same link. Both the screens resemble the two different sides of the story, one that you see and the one that you fail to notice. Alternating attention towards both the screens in order to get the complete story is something you may not have done earlier.

Here’s a quick guide for you watch the trailer:

1. Open this link on the first device and this link on the second device.

2. Sync them together.

3. Sit back and be amazed!

&Privé HD will launch on 24th September at 1 P.M. with the premiere of the Oscar 2017 winner, Moonlight.