Raise your hands if you also sing some random song while brushing your teeth har subah. 🙌  

Kya? Tum bhi? 😀 

Anyway, first things first, oral care is important and we all know that. But, have you ever wondered where the germs reside in your mouth? No? Well, I have the answer for ya! 

So, just a few hours ago, I got to know that germs in our mouth don't just reside on our teeth! Say whaaa? 

Tring... Tring... Hello dentist? Why didn't you tell me that 80% of the germs reside on our cheeks, tongue and gums, and only 20% reside on our teeth?

Woh toh thanks to Colgate for coming up with this dental parody featuring The Singing Dentist, Maniesh Paul, Pranitha Subhash and Yasmin Karachiwala, which tells us all about the importance of whole mouth care!  

And TBH, watching 'em groove to the quirky tunes is making me wanna join the clan too! Come on now, it's your turn to watch the video and get grooving... 

"Now, open your mouth, brush ghumao, daant chamka ke bol... macha brush them well!"  

Dekha! Hai na lyrics catchy?! 

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