Humans weren’t created flawless, so expecting the celebrities to be at the epitome of perfection every time is out of question!

And some actors are really doing an impeccable job at embracing their imperfection and debunking the unrealistic standards of beauty. We have compiled a list of the instances they have really set a example for all of us being conscious of our looks!

1. When Yami Gautam opened up about dealing with an incurable skin condition called keratosis pilaris and how she didn’t feel the need to get her photos photoshopped before posting.

2. When in spite of the public criticising Kajol’s prominent unibrow throughout the years never made her to get rid of them, instead she took advantage and turned it into one of her most unique features. What a queen!

3. When Hrithik Roshan talked about how his thumb would freak out other students in class back then in school but he still never felt the need for surgery, rather what remained flawless was his performance in every single film he signed.

4. When Soha Ali Khan didn’t seem to mind her noticeable wrinkles before posting a picture with her daughter. The trolls can sit in the corner, though!

5. When Konkona Sen embraced the privilege of growing old by replying to a comment that said ‘she has aged’.


6. When even after Aishwarya Rai Bachchan received a lot of backlash for her post-pregnancy weight gain, she was proud of her physique and flaunted it at Cannes. Stunning in every sense!

India Times

7. The time Padma Lakshmi decided not to shy away from discussing about her seven-inches long scar that happened due to a car accident. It isn’t something that should be hidden, she believes.

8. When Manisha Koirala offered us a new perspective on life as she gladly embraced being bald while undergoing cancer treatment. She didn’t seem to be fazed by the sickness or its repercussions. More power to you!

India Times

9. When Huma Qureshi said she will never be apologetic about how she looks and shed all the criticism aside respecting herself for what she is

Truly an example!