Social media trolls are not new for us and neither for Bollywood celebs. Gone are the days when celebs would sit back and tolerate the sh*t people throw at them. 

Here are seven incidents where Bollywood celebs schooled people on social media and gave them a befitting lesson to learn. 

1. When Priyanka Chopra schooled Comedienne Rosie O’Donnell. 

Priyanka subtly called out Comedienne Rosie O’Donnell, who referred to her as Nick Jonas’ ‘wife’ and ‘someone Chopra’. Though  Rosie O’Donnell issued an apology she still mentioned Priyanka as ‘someone Chopra’ and ‘Chopra wife’. 

People soon pointed out that Rosie should not mention Priyanka as someone’s wife, and later this happened: 

Priyanka is her name. She’s apparently a very well-known actress and more famous than [Jonas]. So I’m sure it felt weird to her, to begin with.

2. When influencer and copywriter Freddy Birdy made sexist remarks on Deepika Padukone’s outfit.

Following Gehraiyaan’s release Freddy Birdy posted this on social media: 

People didn’t like this blatantly distasteful comment and started calling him out. 

Deepika being the sass queen she is, slapped back at him with this:

3. When Alia Bhatt was asked “Will you give up acting after your marriage?”

During an Instagram AMA session, someone asked Alia, “Will you give up acting after your marriage?” The actress chose to reply to this question and said:

4. When Taapsee Pannu got body-shamed for ‘mard ka body’. 

Taapsee gave us a glimpse of her look in Rashmi Rocket, and someone decided to body-shame her. Not that it’s anyone’s business for how she looks, but Taaspsee decided to give back in a sassy style.  

5. When Evelyn Sharma was trolled for sharing breastfeeding images on Instagram.

Evelyn Sharma recently became a mom, and since then, she has been sharing photos and insights about motherhood on Instagram. However, she was trolled by people for sharing breastfeeding images on Instagram. 

Later in her Instagram post, Evelyn, kindly explained why she post photos of her breastfeeding: 

If you’re wondering why I post photos of me breastfeeding, it’s because it’s my whole life right now. It’s a full-time job with a lot of extra hours and sleepless nights. But your payment is a happy and healthy baby which is all you want as a mommy. I don’t exclusively breastfeed though. My baby girl needs a little top-up once in a while and mommy a hot bath while daddy takes over! 

6. When a troll thought comparing Swara to a ‘maid’ was insulting.

Swara has the sassiest replies for her trollers. When a troll thought comparing Swara to his maid was insulting, here’s what she said in return (and won our hearts). 

7. It’s PC again! When Priyanka Chopra schooled a media outlet for referring to her as ‘the wife of’ Nick Jonas. 

Priyanka took to Instagram to ask this news outlet why she was referred to as the ‘wife of Nick Jonas’. Always asking the right questions!

8. When a troll tried to advise Anurag Kashyap with this: 

And here’s what happened next: 

Bollywood celebs be like: Keep ’em coming!

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