While so many of us in our 20s are complaining about back pains and sore muscles, here’s Tom Cruise, at 60, sitting on the top of a flying biplane, performing aerial stunts.

The video was played before the trailer debut of Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One at this year’s CinemaCon in April, and is now going viral on the internet. 

In this video, Tom Cruise is delivering a message to theatre owners that had gathered at CinemaCon while being harnessed to a World War II Boeing-Stearman biplane.

Hey, everyone! I wish I could’ve been there with you. I’m sorry about all the extra noise. As you can see, we are filming the latest instalment of Mission: Impossible, and right now we’re over the gorgeous Blyde River Canyon in stunning South Africa. And we’re making this film for the big screen, for the audiences to see in your wonderful theatres.

-Tom Cruise

His fans are equally stunned by the video and can’t believe Tom Cruise can pull that off at 60!

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