We’ve already told you why Community is a better show than the its popular counterparts. We found a lot of Greendale Human Beings on that thread and therefore decided to go forward to celebrating the true testaments of friendship in pop culture – Troy and Abed. 

Yes, it’s time for this, Human Beings. 

*Does this super amazing and cool handshake through your screens*


The innovative NBC comedy is anything but predictable and at the centre of all these bizarre events is the bromance of our beloved Troy and Abed. Abed is an emotionally stunted pop culture fiend whereas Troy is an overly emotional guy who is neck deep into pop culture. Their many misadventures at Greendale inevitably drag their friends (and sometimes the entire school as well) into amusing (and, sometimes, not-so-amusing) situations. 

In an interview with TV Line, Dany Pudi had revealed that the writers originally had no idea of this bromance. 

Initially [the producers] saw Troy and [Chevy Chase’s] Pierce as being weird buddies, but things changed,” he said. “Donald and I just got each other and it fit. [The popular rap] ‘La Biblioteca’ spawned from an interview the two of us did.”

The actors hit it off so well on the sets of the show that Dan Harmon wrote the now famous Anthropology rap for the duo. The rest, as we know it, is history.

In one of the best episodes in any sitcom ever, Troy and Abed find themselves at opposite sides of a feud. The topic is so ridiculous, you might end up being amazed by its brilliance. 

Chandler and Joey can’t possibly replicate it because they’ll never separately create (and together destroy) two rival countries made entirely of bedclothes – also known as The United Forts of Pillowtown and The Legit Republic of Blanketsburg.


Unlike Chandler and Joey, they don’t indulge in homophobic banter. They are not afraid to show how much they love each other. Remember that episode during the ‘Zombie outbreak’ when Troy climbs up a wall to get to the thermometer to stop the zombies, leaving Abed with the zombies? This is the conversation that follows:

Troy: I love you.

Never in the history of pop culture has this line been replicated this well.


Can you remember a recurring joke between Joey and Chandler that is not homophobic or sexist? Nope. There exists no joke like that. Troy and Abed, on the other hand, host an extremely popular show named ‘Troy and Abed in the Morning’! It also has a number of adaptations.


And you know what makes Troy and Abed’s friendship even more real? The fact that Troy had to leave the group and go on his solo adventure with Levar Burton. And what did Abed do? He couldn’t do anything else so he was just happy to see his friend make a life for himself. And yes, the farewell killed us. It absolutely destroyed our plans for our weekends.

Because this is what real friendship is all about. You don’t need to be around the person all the time. But when you are together, magic happens. And that’s Troy and Abed for you.


What’s your favourite Troy and Abed moment? Let us know in the comment section. Until then, TROY AND ABED IN THE MOOOORNING!