Vijay Varma is changing the definition of a classic ‘male hero’ with one role at a time, thanks to his brilliant acting skills and the talent to communicate with his audience through his soul-stirring expressions.

However, beneath the show business, he’s just a desi like us and his tweets confirm that. Let’s take a look at some of his best ones, shall we?

1. We share the same mantra: food before anything else, dude!

2. Guess who’s not insecure about his muscularity?

3. Aren’t we all?

4. He knows himself too well.

5. If ‘being brutally honest’ had a face:

6. The man tickles our funny bones (not that we are complaining).

7. He covers up the dating questions like we dodge our nosy desi aunties!

8. Only Vijay Varma can turn a typo mistake into a hilarious meme fest.

9. Tussi te bade mazzaki ho!

10. Janhit mein jaari kardo!

11. Us, Vijay, us.

12. The level of relatability is MAX!

It’s Vijay Varma’s world and we’re just breathing here!