Geetika Vidya Ohlyan who made her silver screen debut with Netflix’s Soni has won hearts on the internet as she’s spoken up about a series of ongoing socio-political issues during The Newcomers RoundTable with Rajeev Masand. 

Free Press Journal

While a few actors were busy justifying and defending the shackles of nepotism in the industry, Geetika raised her palms on which, CAA, Unanno and Jamia was written. 

While most of the celebrities have still not broken their silence about the ongoing issues, Geetika fiercely showed her palm that had CAA and Jamia written on it and said: 

I hope we are kinder towards each other. 

As the Unanno verdict was due to be pronounced the day this episode was being filmed, Geetika was holding on to the thread of hope when she said:  

We hope we don’t get disappointed more by the Unnao verdict. We hope that the times improve. 

Twitter couldn’t stop praising the boldness with which Geetika voiced her opinions and took a strong stand: 

Well, we do need more woke actors like Geetika in the industry, who aren’t ashamed to take a stand.