President Obama is one of the most important figures of the world and one of the most loved Presidents of America. Now that his term is coming to an end, the outgoing President is busy meeting prominent figures at the White House.

Obama had recently announced that he’ll be joined by Hollywood actor, Leonardo DiCaprio at President’s South by South Lawn Festival, an event to discuss climate change, that will be held on October 3. 

The two met ahead of the event and a photo of the duo was posted by the official account of White House showing them engrossed in a serious conversation. 

Social media was quick to analyse the picture and came up with its own theories of what the the conversation could be about. 

Titanic jokes were expected! 

 Many gave a reference to Leo’s role in The Revenant 

This photoshopped pic made rounds! 

Some other jokes continued…!

Leo won his first Oscar this year, so Oscar jokes were obvious! 

How could the mention of Trump be not there?

Some expressed their desire to meet the two big figures!