If you’re like me and are planning to spend the New Year snuggled up in your bed with good food and watch movies till your eyes water, then you’re welcome in advance. 

Here’s the list of 15 underrated movies that might have skipped your attention in 2021 but you must watch them. 

1. Encanto

A Disney animated movie about finding the magic within you, Encanto deserves to be in this list with its beautiful visuals, adorable characters and an enchanting storyline. The story revolves around the charming Madrigal family. While every child born into this family is gifted with a unique power, Mirabel is not. The film follows the journey of Mirabel as she tries to save the family’s magic in danger.

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2. Nail Polish

A legal thriller drama, the film has a compelling storyline that will keep you engaged throughout. The performances of actors Arjun Rampal and Manav Kaul make it worth your time. Following the trial of a famous social activist accused of raping and murdering two migrant children, the film will keep you hooked. 


3. Kaagaz

The film follows the journey of Lal Bihari, a farmer who is declared dead on official papers, as he struggles to prove otherwise. With Pankaj Tripathi in the lead role, Kaagaz is a biographical comedy that shows Lal Bihari’s persistence in his fight against the government that goes on for 19 years. 

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4. Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar

A refreshing exception from the stereotypical Bollywood films, Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar is a dark comedy that subverts traditional gender roles and critiques casual sexism and everyday patriarchy of the Indian society. Starring Parineeti Chopra and Arjun Kapoor, this film will take you through clever takedown of the corrupt and misogynistic society we live in. 

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5. The Card Counter

If you are into crime thrillersThe Card Counter is the one movie you should definitely have on your watchlist. An impressive character study, the film follows William Tell and a young man Cirk as they tread the path of crime and redemption. 

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6. The Mitchells Vs. The Machines

Another animated movie, The Mitchells vs. the Machines is about a road trip a dysfunctional family goes on as they end up fighting a global robot apocalypse. Adventurous, humourous and gripping, the film is a must-watch if you’re looking for a feel-good movie on new year eve. 


7. Barb & Star Go To Vista Del Mar

Story about two middle-aged best friends who leave their home town Nebraska for the first time to go on a vacay, Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar will leave you wanting more as the two women get caught up in a villain’s plot. 

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8. In The Earth

While you can weirdly relate to a part of the film where everyone’s searching for a cure to a deadly virus, the other supernatural aspect of the film is wildly unsettling. As a scientist and a park scout venture into a dystopic fairyland-esque woods, they have to fight to survive in this film directed by Ben Wheatley.

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9. Boss Level

If you’re in mood for some sci-fi, thrill and time challenging film, Boss Level is the one for you. As the retired soldier Roy Pulver, played by Frank Grillo, gets stuck in a time loop as he investigates the situation, you get stuck on the plotline.


10. Nobody

An action thriller, Nobody revolves around Hutch “Nobody” Mansell, a former government assassin for the CIA played by Bob Odenkirk, as he gets out of his family life and comfort zone and returns to his dangerous previous career. If he’s be able to escape a drug lord of whom he becomes a target or not, is something you’ll have to see for yourself. 

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11. Dial 100

With Manoj Bajpayee, Neena Gupta and Sakshi Tanwar in the lead roles, the gripping film is about a thrilling chase against time. A policeman must act quickly if he wants to save his wife’s life from a mysterious woman who claims she is attempting suicide.


12. Plan B

Now if you want to go for a sharp-witted comedy for a light watch, Plan B is something that will keep you company. As Sunny, an Indian teenager in America realizes she has had sex and fears getting pregnant, the film chases Sunny and her friend Lupe in search for a morning after or plan B pill. 


13. Cryptozoo

With stunning artworks, this hallucinatory animated film will take you on a ride with its fantastic graphics, mythical creatures and a unique critique on capitalism. With Lake Bell, Michael Cera and Angeliki Papoulia as the cast, Cryptozoo is like a step into the future with one leg in the past.

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14. Censor

The film revolves around how a girl discovers the linkage between a disturbing horror movie and her sister’s mysterious disappearance. With a gut-wrenching storyline and disquieting aspects, this psychological drama will leave you in a trance.

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15. The Humans

Another psychological drama, the film traces a family’s Thanksgiving dinner gone absurd. As the family’s three generations come together and lays bare their deepest fears and darkest secrets, you will be left unsettled and shifting in your seat.

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Binge-watch this New Year weekend and let your eyes water!