Discussing movies is fun, but it can easily turn into a sensitive debate. Imagine someone pointing out flaws in your favourite movie – doesn’t sound all that fun, does it? Of course, most opinions around art and cinema are subjective, but it still hurts when we’re made to remove our rosy glasses.

A Twitter user, Sakshi Jain, started a thread for unpopular opinions on very popular movies. Clearly, Twitter has a lot to say. You’ll either agree, or would want to find these people and argue till they give in. There is nothing in between.

Take a look:

1. Tiger bhai FTW.

2. It’s not easy being an SRK fan.

3. This is going to hurt too many people.

4. I’m just scared for this person.

5. Someone watched the wrong Kabir Singh.

6. Just, no.

7. Shhh! (I know, right?)

8. There are some opinions you’d be too scared of agreeing with.

9. And THIS…

10. True story.

These threads are too scary to be out there.