The saying, ‘dance like no one is watching’ has come true, because if you dance right now, no one will watch since we are alone in lockdown. But that shouldn’t discourage you from dancing your heart out. It will make you feel alive and energized.    

So, we bring you some foot-tapping dance numbers that will make you groove: 

1. Aja Nachle 

2. It’s the time to Disco 

3. Husn Hai Suhana 

4. Tan Tana Tan

5. Muqabla 

6. You are my Sonia 

7. Dhoom Machale 

8. Chaiyya Chaiyya

9. Ek pal ka jeena 

10. Chittiya kalaiyaan 

11. Morni Banke 

12. Ainvyi Ainvyi 

13. London Thumkda 

14. Party on my mind 

14. Party on my mind 

No matter how many people say that Pappu can’t dance saala, the truth is Anybody Can Dance.