Celebrities have an impact, which, at times even they forget. It can easily come across in their activity on social media or interviews where they are absolutely candid. It’s one thing to constantly feel like you’re put in a spotlight and feel the pressures of it, and it’s another to not take responsibility of what you’re capable of. A recent post that Varun Dhawan shared is proof of the impact that actions of celebrities have.

The actor shared a video wishing his wife, Natasha Dalal, on her birthday. He captioned the video: “Happy birthday to my caretaker.” Understandably, it didn’t sit well with most people, given that calling a partner their caretaker is questionable. Even if the intent remains something else – the idea that a woman who’s your partner is equated to a caretaker.

The idea that women are supposed to fix the men in their life is already ingrained in our mentality. Society definitely doesn’t make things easier. So, to go on a social media platform and conform to that idea, can have more impact than we assign with it. If anything, to hold this opinion of a woman – and normalizing it, is questionable.

The internet has a lot to say.

Having and wanting to share an opinion is one thing, however, there’s always ripple associated with the things that we say – in being a celebrity the ripple increases. It’s important that celebrities understand that. In this case, however, it’s also about the thing said, and not just about how it impacts audiences.