Bollywood films, in this day and age, are riddled with actors whose chemistry is such a lackluster no matter how intimate the scene is. Perhaps this is why we crawl back to our comfort blanket AKA SRK’s films from the 2000s when, I passionately believe, romance peaked.

But, this time we aren’t discussing his infamous romantic films in which SRK spreads his arms and runs across the mustard fields. We’re looking back at Swades, which apart from illustrating what patriotism looks like without being overbearing, also captured the essence of genuine infatuation and love.

A Twitter user posted a clip from Swades where Mohan Bhargav (SRK) and his childhood friend Gayatri Joshi reconnected after he came back to his hometown and shared a moment where she helps him in donning a dhoti.

They proved that intimacy extends far beyond the physical touch and it is firstly in innocent exchange of glances, placing your eyes at one another while the other looks away. The intimacy of this moment is so real that we can almost feel the racing of their heartbeats.

Naturally, Twitter is gushing and swooning over the jaw-dropping chemistry between Shah Rukh Khan and Geeta. 

Why are we making these anymore?