The talk of nepotism in Bollywood has existed for a long time now and we have evolved a lot on that topic. Many celebs have talked about how nepotism works in the industry and Karan Johar has acknowledged that he has something to do with nepotism and said:

The only topic that has not left me is nepotism. It started on this sofa and never left me. It never left the industry, it never left social media. I am still cursed for it, still trolled for it but now I’m not bothered.

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Meanwhile, what’s best about nepotism is the memes and fun people make about it. This old clip of Farhan and Abhishek talking about star kids on the show Oye! It’s Friday is so savage and even after years holds a lot of relevance.

Farhan believes it’s not hard to find a celebrity kid and has shared some giveaway signs on how we can spot them. Let’s find out, shall we?


How do they go for auditions?


You have any better first world problems?


You can watch this hilarious clip here: