Ever since Virat & Anushka’s wedding pictures and videos flooded the internet, we haven’t been able to get over the excitement. 

From congratulatory messages to love-filled remarks, details of the wedding to various memes regarding the same, social media is full of excitement about Virushka. 

But amidst everything else, one particular Twitter thread is totally winning the internet, making everyone go crazy with laughter. Called #ViratKiBaraat, this thread points out every kind of relative we encounter at Indian weddings, using famous people in Virat’s life. 

It’s so good, even Virushka will find themselves laughing!

1. The one who was promised a Jack Daniel but didn’t get one!

2. Aree bhai bhai bhai!

3. “Inn sab ke baad apni saali patwa dio bhai!”

4. Shy ko kaho bye bye!

5. ‘Congratulations’ is all he had to say!

6. Bro, yo bro!

7. Sadda haq, aithe rakh!

8. Too much ho gayi yaar!

9. There’s no dance better than the naagin dance! 

10.  Kyunki hum tainaat hai!

11. A feeling most the girls can relate to!

12. *facepalm*

13.  Because badtameezi bhi hai zaroori!

14. Welcome to the clan!

15. The next in line?

16. Why so serious?

17. Legit!

18. Cultural exchange

19. From one generation to another

20. “Teri maasi apne zamaane ki queen thi!”

21. Once a no, always a no!

22. Har ek friend zaroori hota hai!

23. Style over substance

24. Let ’em be, Buaji!

25. He’s got your back

26. Who are you, again?

27. Swag se karenge sabka swagat!

28. “Selfie maine le li aaj!

29. The lone soldier!

30. What happens at the party, stays at the party

31. So cute!