Virat Kohli is the hottest vice-captain India have ever had. From his good looks and sense of style to his scorching form on the cricket field, this 26-year-old is nothing less than a rockstar and always puts on a show worth watching! After all, when was the last time you saw a cricketer hit a century on his World Cup debut?

And now, with innumerable endorsements, multiple accolades and a Bollywood-celeb-girlfriend, Cheeku has proved to be the aslee rockstar of Indian cricket. These 20 photos are proof.

1. Young, wild and free!

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2. You can’t mess with the star player!

Source: Enlokam

3. Bleeding blue even without the Indian jersey!

Source: GQindia

4. Style is not everyone’s cup of tea.

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5. Have you seen any other Indian cricketer with so much swag?

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6. Hate the game, not the player.

Source: Economictimes

7. WROGN is a legit breakaway youth fashion brand.

Source: indianexpress

8. It’s safe to say that behind Kohli, there’s a queue of women lined up!

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9. A rockstar on the field!

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10. With a girlfriend like Anushka Sharma, we definitely have to praise him for more than his accolades.

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11. Spikes and checks. Nothing he can’t pull off.

Source: Vervemagazine

12. He can flaunt vibrant shades of earthy colours too!

Source: Cricketstills

13. That hat only comes off for Anushka!

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14. This is how you make an entrance!

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15. And even when you relax, why not in style?

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16. The power behind the vice-captain of the Men In Blue.

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17. Suit up!

Source: India

18. And luxuriously!

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19. Black and babe. Words that define a rockstar’s life!

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20. That’s how you end a brilliant performance!

Source: Sporteology

We can honestly vouch for Virat Kohli’s style and talent, on and off the field!