Warning: season 8 spoilers ahead

Among all things big and small, the probability of someone surviving on the final day of Game of Thrones was very slim. But plastic still made it!  


Eagled-eyed viewers spotted another gaffe in the final episode, a plastic water bottle. Yup! That really happened. 

Whatever you feel about this season’s writing, it is shocking to find such goof-ups that too in the finale. 


Didn’t find it? Look harder, look again!

There it is: 

As the noblest of names assemble in King’s Landing, they are all seated together to discuss the possibility of choosing a new King/Queen of the seven kingdoms post Daenerys. Little did we know, they invited a plastic bottle too. 

Watch below: 

Twitter erupted on hearing the news:

You could be forgiven for not spotting it though, considering it was a split-second grab.