Liger is an upcoming Indian sports action film that will mark a revolution in Indian cinema with its groundbreaking plot.

The plot:

A jawline that I can cut sabzi with.

Abs so defined they belong in a dictionary. 

If Santa was at my gym, I’d never skip a day!

Hydration has never been more attractive. Time to drink more water and maybe drown in it.  

I have never wanted to be a husky more in my life.

One second, let me just turn on my A.C. It’s too hot, TOO HOT. 

Luckiest husky in the world yaar. 

Red alert! Red alert! Bisexual identity crisis!

How is his drunk face so fucking hot? When I’m drunk I look like Manjulika. 

Homeless chic. 

From the bottom of my heart, I wish I was that toothpick. 

I wouldn’t mind being this bottle either.

If someone looked at me with these eyes, I’d simply pass out. 

How is it fair that God gave all the good looks to him and saved none for us?

Thank you guys for spending an entire minute thirsting over Vijay Deverakonda with me. I’d bookmark this if I were you…