It has officially been 15 years since our beloved FRIENDS has ended and the only debate that everyone is still not over with is that “Were Ross and Rachel on a break?” 

But after all this time look who came back to weigh her point on this debate, Ross’s mother, Judy Geller.  


In Enews’s latest video to celebrate this beloved show including stars like David Schwimmer, Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Matt Le Blanc, Lisa Kudrow, and Mathew Perry. They had to finally resort to the mother to find out what she thinks.


Judy Geller played by Cristina Pickles talks about how innocent her son Ross was in considering the break to be actually legit and why not she says,

 Ross would not have gone and screwed that random girl from the bar if Rachel didn’t invite her super steamy coworker Mark over.

So even though FRIENDS had been going strong on television and is streaming on Netflix all around the globe, the co-creator of the show Mark Kauffman confirms that the show is far from getting a revival.

But hey, at least now you’re one step closer to figure out after all these years if ‘Ross and Rachel were on a break.’