A good and happy sex life is one of the many things that we all want. But what does it really mean to cultivate a happy sex life? Well, we came across this Reddit thread where people have shared what they think are important things to keep in mind for a happy sex life, and we thought of sharing it with you!

So here, take a look at what people have said:

1. “Understanding that foreplay doesn’t start in the bedroom.”


2. “In a marriage or long term relationship especially, foreplay is everything from the time you finish sex to the time you have it again. If it’s treated as something you do only during sexy time, it’s going to be hard for either person to be in the mood at the same time.”


3. “Foreplay also involves how you treat each-other in your day to day relationship outside of the bedroom, prior to sexual intimacy. But even if not in the context of long term relationships, foreplay is in flirtation and desire. The longing looks, the smiles, body language, kindness etc. It’s the art of seduction.


4. “I am surprised no one has mentioned – making each other feel desired. While communication and all those things are super essential in the bedroom, I feel that for me at a basic level, I want to be shown that I am desirable. Through eye contact, through flirty texts, through the cliched ‘You make me go crazy’ type stuff.”


5. “Compatible sex drives. And in the absence of that, a willingness to compromise. One person may get less sex than they’d prefer and one may be okay with the amount of times they’re having sex. If compromise doesn’t work, then you might need to break up.”


6. “Being called sexy, beautiful, hot, etc. in the moment really amps things up for me. After being with someone who never said any of those things to me for so long, now that I am with someone who does, it’s like night and day. It’s such a turn on when you know the person you’re with really desires you.”


7. “Good communication.”


8. “Kissing non-sexually, rubbing your partners body after a long day, rubbing their hair, kissing their forehead, holding them without making advances, flirting with them. It’s the things you do to keep the flame of passion going besides sexualizing every interaction. Allow your partner to be the sensual one too, even if you’re on fire and want to rip their clothes off, show restraint and allow them to want you too.”


9. “It doesn’t matter how good the sex was, if you just leave 10 mins later, it wasn’t worth it for me at all.”


10. “Enthusiasm and honesty.”


11. “Reassurance and discussion about the things each other favor during sex. Also discussing things before trying them out in bed.”


12. “Knowing your body and where it feels good and where it feels ok, and the no zones. Both sexual and non sexual. TELL them what those zones are, and TELL them what feels good in those zones. ASK them to try something. Ask them what THEY like, and THEIR zones. If you don’t ask, you won’t know. PRAISE and THANK them.”


13. “Can’t believe nobody has said consent yet, so I guess it falls to me. Consent should be first and foremost.”


14. “Reciprocity. Caring about what your partner wants, not just what gets you off.”


15. “Being open-minded, understanding of the other person’s needs and desires without ignoring your own, and honest communication would be what I say worked in my past experience.”


How very insightful!