There’s nothing more awkward than discussing salaries, even if it’s with your spouse. In a recent case of a rough divorce, a husband refused to share information regarding his income, which made his wife seek to resort to the Right To Information (RTI) Act.

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Sanju Gupta, the wife, reportedly filed an RTI application to obtain the details of her husband’s gross and taxable income for two financial years.

However, her request for the same was rejected by the Central Public Information Officer (CPIO), Income Tax Department Office in Bareilly, after her husband did not give his consent.

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As per reports, she first filed an appeal before the First Appellate Authority (FAA), which supported the decision of the CPIO. Then, she moved to file a second appeal with the Central Information Commission (CIC).

For the uninitiated, the CIC’s decisions are final and binding.

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After going through precedents, the commission instructed the CPIO to deliver the wife details of her husband’s income with public authority within a period of 15 days.

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