The Human Resource department is one of the most crucial departments to ever exist in an organisation. They are the backbone an organisation depends on. But sadly, there are some HR policies implied by the department that not only do not make sense but are also downright unethical. Have a look!

1. 3 Months Notice Period

We have said it before, and we will say it again – a notice period of more than 30 days is unethical. When companies expect new employees to join immediately, they shouldn’t make their own employees serve a notice period of three months.

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2. 45 Days F&F

The 45 days full and final might still be okay, but when that 45 days become 60 days, and there’s no response from HR even after continuous emails, it becomes a problem. If there’s a system that needs to be followed, it’s HR’s responsibility to ensure that that system is being followed.

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3. Setting Time For Coffee & Loo Breaks

The HR policy to put a capping on coffee and loo breaks is absolutely atrocious. An employee is a full-grown adult and doesn’t need others to tell them how many times they can pee.

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4. Unfavourable Leave Policy

Some companies are great when it comes to taking a few days off, with the managers being understanding and accommodating of the need to have a work-life balance. Some companies even allow unlimited leaves to their employees. But sadly, it’s not the case everywhere.

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5. Working On The Weekends

There’s something called work-life balance, check it out. Asking your employees to work on weekends or anytime which is not their stipulated working hours, without even compensating them for the same, is unethical.

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6. Firing An Employee For Being Late To Work

Remember when a man got fired for being 20 minutes late for the first time in 7 years? Yeah, that’s the kind of sh*t we are talking about. If you think it’s completely acceptable for an employee to work late to show their dedication, then you should also accept that sh*t happens and a person can be 20 minutes late, it’s not a big deal.

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7. Making A Prospective Employee Join On Lesser Salary Than The Budget, Just Because They Can

It’s more of a practice than a policy, but either way, it’s ridiculous. When you have a talented employee who fits and surpasses all your criteria and is asking for a salary that is well under your budget, then it really doesn’t make sense to negotiate with them to accept a lower salary just because you can.

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8. Firing Someone For Moonlighting

What an employee does outside of their working hours shouldn’t be a concern of the employers. Of course, employees shouldn’t release company secrets or work with direct competitors, but other than that it’s really none of the company’s ‘business’. And firing someone for that is also unethical.

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9. Making Employees Pay For Breaking The Employment Bond

Employers can not penalise employees for breaching the employment bond. They can also not ask employees to pay for breaking the employment bond if they haven’t incurred any expenses in the special training of an employee.

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These are some of the HR policies that we think are the absolute worst. Have you encountered any other such policies? Let us know in the comments below.