Disclaimer: The following post contains spoilers for season 2 of You. 

2019 ended with most of us revisiting our favourite (disturbingly so) bookstore manager, Joe Goldberg, in season 2 of Netflix’s psychological thriller, You. 


Now, at the end of season 2, we discover that despite spending time in the cage and discovering the truth about Love, Joe still hasn’t changed from his old ways. In fact, he already has a new ‘love’ in his sights. 

the sun

And, showrunner and co-creator Sera Gamble, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, talked about the ending and commented on what Joe’s future may look like in season 3. No points for guessing, it’s not that great. 

The most important thing about that last scene is just it is confirmation that Joe is still Joe in a way that’s not going to be great for Joe. That he has not learned that he cannot just keep looking for the next person to attach his hopes and dreams to that way. It seems clear that he’s falling into some version of that same pattern. I can’t say that we know exactly what a season three would be, but I can say things won’t go well for Joe.

Well, it was only a matter of time before Joe’s past really did catch up with him – and not necessarily in the same way that Candace attempted to in season 2. 

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